The hilarious relationship survival kit for those guys who got put in the doghouse by their girlfriend!

Can you get out of

The Official Survivin' the Doghouse Kit for Men is the perfect "bust on him" gift, causing much joking and ribbing as people laugh and share their own "in-the-doghouse-experiences! The truth is, 99.99% of all the male species frequently tick off the female species, ending up with most men "in the doghouse". Men describe "in the doghouse" as cold stares, cold shoulders, the silent treatment, and dreaded cold nights alone on the couch

Mothers-in-law, Fathers-in-law, kids and parents can finally participate! It’s the #1 clean and hilarious bachelor party gift that anyone can give. His celebration night is no longer exclusive to just the “boys” and their adulterated gag gifts. Since his sorry butt will eventually end up in the doghouse for sure, swing by and grab the Official Doghouse Survival Kit for Men. It’s on sale!

Survivin' the Doghouse
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